Thursday, December 26, 2013

Lego Mouse Trap Game

Details: Hasbro U-Build Mouse Trap game for kids 6 years and older.  A 2 - 4 player game, with a twist.  Change your traditional Mouse Trap game with Lego's.  Build your board and chase down the cheese!  Launch your mouse and race for the cheese!  Game Contents: 106 U-Build bricks, 8 walls, 4 mouse marbles, 4 small cardboard cheese hills, 1 large cardboard cheese mountain, 1 trap part, 1 space boot part, 1 die, 1 20" x 20" game board, 1 label sheet, assembly guide, game guide.  Don't get trapped as you search for the cheese in outer space.  Play it our way, or change things up.  Find all the cheese, customize the game-board, add in some of your own twists and truly make it your own.

Disclaimer: This game is no longer being sold, however we got one brand new from a store, I'm not sure when these have been taken off the market.

My Review: My children love this game!  I have a 4 year old boy and a 6 year old boy who play this game on a weekly basis.  The game pieces are Lego's, and do fit with the regular Lego's my kids play with, so whenever they are done with this game, it'll be easy to just put all the Lego pieces in their Lego sets.  It took us about 10 minutes to set up the board, the directions weren't very clear about how the pieces go together, which pieces were for what, but looking at the pictures on the box really helped us the most.  This is basically Mouse Trap on the Moon, complete with space ships, the cheese moon, rocket ships etc.  The "cardboard" cheese hills and mountain are really card stock, and have a hard time staying in the correct position because they have been folded for so long.  The rocket ship boot doesn't really work very well.  So we improvise for it to work.  In fact even though it says on the box it only comes with one, in the directions it tells you that there should be 4, one per color of mouse.  This is the first time I've ever had to make or rather put together the game die.  The outer walls work okay, but don't really stay put either.  Aside from all these little things that annoy my husband and myself, my kids and their friends love playing this game.

Pros: kids love this game, Lego's make this fun to play with

Cons: little things will annoy adults, no longer being sold in stores

My Rating: thumbs up and down

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