Monday, December 2, 2013

Home School Christmas Craft

This is a blast from the past from 2012.  Today started our first Christmas craft.  I bought 6 foam cones from the Dollar Tree, beaded garland from Big Lots, and pompoms and spray adhesive from Wal-Mart.  What we did to start was create our work area, spray adhesive is very messy if you are a first time user.  I learned the hard way.  Okay, so we sprayed the foam cones really well and then wrapped them in green construction paper.  After that set (in about a minute or two) we sprayed the construction paper and started to wrap the beaded garland around the cone starting at the base first.  This wasn't very easy for kids to do.  I would wrap a few strands and spray more glue, wrap and spray until we reached the top.  The beads didn't stick very well at first when the ends needed to be glued so I held them on for a good minute for good measure.  We then sprayed more glue on and I let the boys go crazy with pompoms.  The blue beaded garland was glittery and the glitter stuck to my hands for hours afterwards until I figured out that Goo Gone got this stuff off.  We let our Christmas trees cure for the rest of the night before moving them to be decorations.  This was a $10-$15 dollar craft, even though we've only done 2 of 6 cones.  We'll have pictures of the other 4 when they are done.

 December 4, 2012  Our second Christmas craft was making presents from the boys to give to family members.  We bought a bag of the big glass jewels from the Dollar Tree.  My boys chose white and light blue colored jewels.  Then we bought a pack of 52 round magnets, and a large bottle of Crafting Super glue from Wal-Mart too.  We started by testing out 4 magnets first.  Since we chose lighter colored glass jewels they are more transparent than the darker blue and green ones also found at the Dollar Tree.  We glued the magnets on right away and let them sit to see if we liked it or not.  Well this crafting super glue needs to cure for 30 minutes, instead of 30 seconds, so you have to 1. press the magnets on very tight, 2. make sure they are resting on a flat hard surface, 3. aren't disturbed during that 30 minute time period of curing.  So on the 4 test magnets you could see the black magnet right through the pretty glass. But it didn't look very pretty.  So we decided to get some glitter glue and smear some glitter glue to the bottom of each jewel and let that dry for an hour, then super glue the magnets onto the glitter side of the jewel to hide the magnets.  They look amazing!

 We did red and gold glitter glue on the white jewels, and silver glitter glue on the blue jewels.  It was a 3 pack from the Dollar Tree as well.  They turned out very well!  We had enough magnets to give each adult family 4 magnets for Christmas from the boys.  So my 5 year old could easily help out, but my 3 year old had a hard time, so he did all the counting, and organizing under supervision.  But after that he did get bored.  This is a $10 craft.  We were able to make 52 magnets.  Oh, and for those 4 tester magnets, we put the glitter glue on the top side of the jewels, but over time it will rub off very easily.

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