Friday, January 9, 2015

Hinoki Anti-thinning Hair Treatment

Details:  System Hinoki for Thinning hair can be purchased from the link provided.  These products are made in the USA by the company Hayashi World Wide.  It is a complete salon exclusive product for men and women who are experiencing hair loss or hair thinning, or receding hair lines.  This system comes with Hinoki Shampoo, Conditioner, Hinoki Plus spray, and Hair thickener leave in treatment.  Each bottle is 10 fl oz, with instructions in multiple languages.  The Hinoki shampoo adds volume, body, shine and washes away oil and dandruff.  The Hinoki conditioner improves texture, helps prevent split ends, dry scalp, and leaves hair oil free.  The Hinoki plus spray is a leave in scalp conditioner for fine and thinning hair, repairs damage, and adds body to hair. The Hinoki Hair Thickener helps make your hair thicker, smoother, with increased body, shine and volume.  Each bottle comes with specific instructions, that are easy to read, easy to follow and memorize for ease of usage.  Once bottles are empty they are recyclable.  Follow this company on Facebook for more updates and information about other products.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary product for this hair treatment system in exchange for a 6 month usage period, an honest non biased review, and Q&A time with the company Rep, and honest additional social media coverage.

My Review: Originally I was interested in this product for my husband.  As a middle aged man, he was under a lot of stress over the past couple of years, causing him to have lots of scalp issues: dandruff, peeling flaky scalp, major hair loss, excessive receding hair line.  All issues that caused him concern.  When I found out about what this product claims to do, I thought it was worth having my husband experiment with it and see if it helped him out.  When we first got the products I tested them out first, to see how the directions were, if it really was as easy as it says, and if there were any weird size effects.  Since my hair wasn't having the same issues I figured I would be the control for this experiment.  The shampoo was good, the conditioner was good, the spray had a heated tingle when it was sprayed on my scalp, and the leave in treatment was good.  So I had my husband test it out.

He really liked the shampoo, it was super silky in his hair, as he washed and rinsed he could feel a difference.  He liked the conditioner, same results and feelings with that product too.  When he got to the spray he said it "burned" him, that there was no tingling feeling (like with a Tea Tree oil hair treatment tingle), it burned enough for him to quickly wash it off, with regular shampoo and regular conditioner, and even a vinegar wash.  After that experience I couldn't get him to try the hair thickener, nor test the products again.  So I had to use these products for the rest of the testing period.  I didn't mind too much because I was curious to see what would happen with my hair, and I wanted to see if they would work.

My experiment was roughly 3-6 months long.  I used it 2-3 times a week whenever I showered.  The shampoo was easy to rub in and wash out.  But because I have long hair the conditioner acted like all other conditioner and took a while to rinse out.  It did leave my hair stringy, and sticky the first 3-6 times I used it.  After some very quick question and answer responses with the company rep, we figured out that I had too much product build up on my hair that the products weren't working.  So after a 2 week cleansing of my hair, I went back to the testing.  The spray still had the heated tingling feeling, which I didn't mind.  But the smell is very chemical and stronger than I would like.  It reminds me of mild hair dye from the DIY boxes you can buy.  But after a while it didn't affect my nose as much.  The hair thickener I used less often around 1-2 times a week.  With my long thin and fine hair I need a de-dangler product to make managing my hair easier, so the hair thickener helped prevent my hair splitting and breaking as often as it did because I don't usually use a hair dryer and would just brush my wet hair into a simple style.

So here's my honest results.  I was totally shocked and surprised that a hair treatment actually worked.  I've bought anti-flat hair products, voluminous hair products, anti-split end products for multiple companies like: Aussie, Tres Semme, Garnier Fructis, Herbal Essesnce.  But have never seen real results.  But these products did work.  My hair that had taken 2 major fallings out from child birth of both my children has regrown to the point that I no longer have the little pieces that stick up at the roots of my hair.  I haven't had split ends the whole time I used this product the way it said to be used, meaning when I was consistent I had no split ends.  My hair was actually thicker, still stringy but maybe that's because my hair wasn't fine anymore.  It was really nice.  My only suggestion would be to somehow offer something that keeps the good oils in your hair.  I had to take a break for a month and a half to increase my hair nutrition and health, despite the awesome results that I had.  So if you have thinning hair, I can honestly say this will change your hair to thicker hair and help regrow the broken none growing strands of hair back.  Very impressed!

Pros: my hair became thicker, was cleaner, and oil free

Cons: the first few uses of the spray burned my husband's scalp, oil free means the good oils were gone too

My Rating:  Thumbs up over all because it did what the company claimed it would!
My Before picture with a little bit of frizzy hair to the left.  My After picture with smooth silky thicker hair to the right.


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