Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Healthy Lunch Wrap

With step by step images showing you what I used.  This has helped me curb my addiction to wheat/ breads, and has allowed me to go Gluten Free.  My husband still prefers the Spinach wraps over gluten free ones, but since that's the only gluten he gets we figured why not.  This has helped us work on reaching our weight loss goals.  
Spinach wrap

Green Goddess dressing

Yellow Mustard

Spring Greens

Your wrap should be looking like this

I used real chicken.
This was a leftover chicken breast cooked in Sweet Korean BBQ sause

I put this much meat on, but found it to
be too dry for that much meat.

Add shredded carrots

And shredded cucumber.  Can you see how thin my shreds are?  
Wrap and tuck in the ends.
This wrap is slightly stretchy, and moist so it
sticks together well, and keep everything in.

I made two types, so this picture shows tomatoes.
Cut in half.

Eat and enjoy!

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